Ed Cates – 770-601-5138
Terry England – 770-867-8096
Shannon Lawrence – 706-338-5657
Billy Parks – 770-963-9957
Zack Ray – 229-854-0832
Joel Shoemaker – 404-483-3801
John Stevens – 678-908-1073
Dwayne Walton, chairman – 770-868-7136

Servants of the Lord

General Officers

Church Clerk
Assistant Church Clerk
Church Treasurer
Assistant Church Treasurer
Director of Men’s Ministries
Director of Women’s Ministries
Music Ministries Director

Donna Hunsinger
Heather Ray
Samantha Marx
Cindy England
Zack Ray
Regina Shelton, Hazel Elliott
Steve Ferm







General Elected Leaders for Ministries

Worship Leaders
Choir Director
Technical Ministries
Children’s Ministries Leaders
Senior Adult Team Members
Usher Co-Chairs
Outreach Coordinator
Children’s Church Coordinator
Children in Action Leaders
Nursery Coordinator
SOS Meals Coordinator
Celebrate Recovery Leaders
VBS Director
Sanctuary Flowers
Hospitality Team Chair
Birthday Encouragement
Youth Ministry Leaders

Steve Ferm, Billy Parks, Zack Ray
Steve Ferm
Judy Meyer, Hazel Elliott, Elaine Freverle, Velma Crumbley, Lee Sass, Heather Ray
Joel Shoemaker, John Stevens
Tony and Carol Boss
Hazel Elliott, Jean Sass
Charles Shelton, Paul Frevele
John Stevens
Judy Ferm
Kathy Dishman
Faith Shoemaker
Jean Sass
Lee and Jean Sass
Heather Ray
Donna Hunsinger, Tina Parks
Felecia Puckett
Bill Meyer, Velma Crumbley, Angela Walton
Joel and Faith Shoemaker, Lee and Jean Sass


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