Revival Kickoff

Beginning with a special sermon at AFBC the morning of January 22, followed by a special service that evening at Cedar Creek Baptist (starting at 5:00 PM), we will be having a “Revival Kickoff” a month or so prior to when revival services are set to take place (February 26-March 1).  These two “warm-up” services are essential for those who sincerely wish to benefit and grow spiritually – be revived – from our coming revival.  Please be in prayer for revival and intentionally plan to take part.


Revival is coming!  Joint revival meetings for AFBC and other local Bible-believing churches will be Sunday through Wednesday evenings, February 26-March 1 (6:00 PM Sunday evening, 7:00 PM Monday-Wednesday).  Pray for revival and a renewed readiness to share the gospel!

Grief Share

A grief recovery support group where you can find help and healing for the hurt of losing a loved one.  Resuming August 18, there will be a session each Thursday at 3:00 PM led by Terry and Elaine Buice.


Church-wide Visitation

All AFBC members are welcome to join Sunday School Outreach and Outreach Team leaders in church-wide visitation every Monday evening at 6:30 PM.  Please plan to take part and contribute to your church’s ongoing and future outreach to a lost world.

Salt and Light Project

This project is meant to generate interest in the bulletin board in the SS hallway (Salt & Light) and encourage others to be involved in political affairs as Christians. The names, addresses, emails, and telephone numbers of representatives will be posted.  Also, future pieces of pertinent legislation will be presented there.  We encourage all to continue to check the S&L bulletin board for updates.  Note:  all correspondence to our representatives should be kind and Christ-like in their content, as any correspondence reflects on Christ and our church.


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